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Skyhighatry Designs Estate, Second Life

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    Sculpt on!

    Create your own custom-Sculpted content for Second LIfe and beyond...

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    "Quetzalcoatl Starship" by contest winner Dragon Lord

    See the latest in mindblowing Sculpt / Mesh contest-winning builds...

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    InWorld Sculpt/Mesh Gallery

    See the actual winning contest builds in Houndsfield, Second Life Grid. Be sure to wander.. with these contests, we've been accumulating a lot of great stuff. The tricky part is how to display such a wide variety of themes!

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    The Sculpty Garden

    Visit the original Sculpty Garden InWorld to see our rocks, font blocks, garden relief art and other entertaining items.

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    Visit TAMA Products

    One of our partners and definitely our favorite Tinies, TAMA Products is a must-have resource for Sculpt Studio Plugins and your MESHucation... --> your portal to all things virtual.

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Skyhighatry on the SL Marketplace

View our wares on the Second Life Marketplace. We have SL's premiere sculpted rocks, garden relief art and more!

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Sculpt Studio

Learn more about the Sculpt Studio, our premiere InWorld Sculpting tool that makes 3D modeling easy for all!

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Mesh Studio

Click here to open a portal for all things MESH.

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Halloween contest held on October 20:
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2nd) Gerryman Uggla
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Happy New Year!
Ok, I know it’s February already, but with the holidays, a vacation and …

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